Organic Herbal Calming Tea With Chamomile

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Organic Herbal Calming Tea With Chamomile

Reduce Mild Tension and Anxiety.*

Yogi Calming tea is an exclusive blend based on time-tested Ayurvedic herbs that help ease stress and tension.

Each cup helps you enter a state of relaxed alertness without drowsiness.

This all organic formula contains not only Chamomile, used for centuries for its ability to help compose the mind and relax the body, but also Lemongrass and Gotu Kola, which have been used traditionally to support the nervous system.

Licorice and English Lavender add a pleasant, naturally sweet flavor that makes this tea suitable for children.

Take a break with a cup of Calming tea and discover a soothing, natural way to relax.

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YG-500416 TeabagsBreathe Deep Tea$4.42
YG-500816 TeabagsDetox Tea$4.42
YG-501816 TeabagsThroat Comfort$4.42
YG-501216 TeabagsGet Regular$4.42
YG-502716 TeabagsGreen Energy Tea$4.42
YG-503616 TeabagsAntioxidant Green Tea$4.42
YG-500916 TeabagsCold Season Tea$4.42
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