Breathe Deep Herb Tea

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Breathe Deep Herb Tea

Promotes Clear Breathing Passages and Nourishes Lung Tissue.*

Breathing should come easily. So when you find you need a little help clearing the airways, relax and brew a cup of our Breathe Deep tea.

Yogi Breathe Deep all-organic formulation is a blend of herbs used in many herbal traditions to support respiratory health.

Thyme and warming and aromatic eucalyptus help loosen phlegm and support the mucous membranes.*

Soothing licorice adds a light, naturally sweet flavor.

Enjoy this tea plain or sweetened with a little honey, traditionally used to support the expectoration process.

Experience the benefits of Breathe Deep with every delightful cup.

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YG-500816 TeabagsDetox Tea$4.42
YG-501816 TeabagsThroat Comfort$4.42
YG-501216 TeabagsGet Regular$4.42
YG-502716 TeabagsGreen Energy Tea$4.42
YG-500216 TeabagsCalming Tea$4.42
YG-503616 TeabagsAntioxidant Green Tea$4.42
YG-500916 TeabagsCold Season Tea$4.42
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