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CARDIO SUPPORT FORMULA* Alternative Approach To Vein & Arterial Support*. With EDTA

Cardio-Chelate™ was created to meet the needs of those interested in the 'Alternative' approach to vein and arterial support*. EDTA (EthyleneDiamine-Tetra-acetic Acid) has been used as a stabilizer (maintains food color and flavor) in the food industry for several years. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) even approved its use 50 years ago for treatment of lead, mercury, aluminum and cadmium toxicity*. This is due to its ability to bind to, or 'normalize' metallic element distribution within the body. This action within the body warrants its use in removing plaque, inhibit clotting and improve calcium and cholesterol metabolism*. Methyl-Sulfonyl-Methane (MSM) and N-Acetyl-Cysteine (NAC) are two sulfur-donating compounds that increase cellular glutathione concentrations, which is important for increased antioxidant needs during chelation*. Along with Vitamin C, these compounds work together to provide optimum nutritional support for cardiovascular health*.

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