Lavadent Dental Whitening & Polishing Oil

1 fl. oz.

Price: $19.95

Now Only: $16.96

Item #: NBL0060

Natura Botanical (More from this brand)

Lavadent Dental Whitening & Polishing Oil

Mineral Dental Whitening

-Ultra Dental Whitening

-Enamel Shield Beautifying

-Superior Polishing Effect

-Unsightly Plaque Removal

-Advanced Teeth Cleaning

Lavadent is a unique, state-of-the-art natural cosmetic dental whitening and polishing product that only relies on the creative use of minerals, botanicals, and cutting-edge technology for improvements to the appearance of teeth surfaces.*

The results of brushing with Lavadent are a natural white aligned to an individual's shade of white without the use of artificial or harsh chemicals.*

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