Natural Allergy Relief Formula (Aller Ease)

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Natural Allergy Relief Formula (Aller Ease)

Potent Allergy Support*

Aller Ease is formulated with today's most powerful natural allergy relief ingredients.* This formula features the following potent natural immune boosters & antihistimines:

Vitamin C - Immune system enhancer.

Pantothenic Acid - Fights immune damaging stress.

Quercetin - Natural antihistamine.

Bromelain - Natural anti-inflammatory for sinus relief.

N-Acetyl Cysteine - Respiratory support nutrient.

L-Histidine - Natural immune system support.

Zinc - Zinc deficiencies may contribute to impaired immunity, and asthma, which is frequently linked to allergies.

Vitamin E - Antioxidant & immune enhancer.

Nettle Root - Herb traditionally used for treatment of hay fever & other allergies.

Astragalus - Strengthens immune response.

For maximum relief supplement daily with natural Aller Ease.

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