Ultramyosyn Whey Protein Powder - Peanut Butter Cup

2 lbs.

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Item #: MX7805

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Ultramyosyn Whey Protein Powder - Peanut Butter Cup

Delicious Protein Blend Made From 100% Whey Protein.

Great-tasting premium whey, that delivers a powerful blend of high quality protein and the perfect combination of Branched Chain Amino Acids that bodybuilders and athletes demand.

Superior Source of BCAAs

Provides all the amino acids required for supporting lean muscle.*

The Gold Standard for Quality with Micro-Filtered Whey Protein Isolates and Ultra-Filtered Whey Protein Concentrate.

-Quick absorbing Whey Protein Blend to speed amino acid delivery.

-Instantized Whey Protein for easy mixing.

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MX60662 lbs.Chocolate$25.79
MX60712 lbs.Vanilla$25.79
MX67532 lbs.Strawberry$25.79
MX67572 lbs.Cookies & Cream$25.79
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