Breathe Easy Neti Pot Salt

10 oz.

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Neti Pot (Himalayan Institute) (More from this brand)

Breathe Easy Neti Pot Salt

The Highest Quality Salt Recommended For Use With The Original NETI POT

Perfect for use with the nasal wash system, Neti Pot Salt is 99.99% USP grade salt, the highest purity salt commercially available. It is non-iodized and contains no additives or anti-caking agents. Use a heaping 1/4 teaspoon per use.

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HM11991 Unit$13.59
Ingredients: Pharmaceutical grade sodium chlroide (99.9%) USP
Directions: Use to perform the nasal wash as directed in your Net-Pot™ instructions. Place a level 14 net-spoonful into your Ne Pot™ and add warm water. Keep tightly closed to protect from moisture.
Free Of: Additives or anti-caking agents.
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